For those wondering which was the weaponry of the army whose name was renowned all over the ancient Greek world?

It's worth stressing the fact that the clothing of Spartans had red color because according to Lycurgus this color creates negative impact on the enemy but it also gave the possibility to hide a wound in case the Spartan warrior was injured.

The spartan helmet was a Corinthian type helmet. Moreover, the spartan helmet was usually bronze and the plum was decorated with several colors but the most common was red. A remarkable difference on the spartan helmet of Spartans officers was that the plume was in a sidelong position, something that didn't apply for other armies at the time.

Furthermore, the Spartan shield was able to cover a large part of the warrior's body -from the knees to the shoulder- protecting him this way during the battle. The spear that the Spartan army used had length of two or three meters.

On top of that while the Spartans wore the spartan helmet in the battlefield they didn't use to wear shoes so as to have better and stable walking, given that in the body to body fighting when the two opponents tried to push each other, it was vital to have a steady position which was easier to achieve without shoes.

Finally, Spartans had long hair when they reached puberty so as to look taller, stronger and cause greater fear to the enemy during the battle. If there is a special accessory of the Spartans' weaponry, this is the spartan helmet that a fan of the kind could get in order to revive the ancient Spartan fighting spirit in his/her house. Spartans are a legend and that's why they continue to cause awe to millions of people.